Skyrim: Special Edition

Benjamin Strobel, 09. November 2016

Skyrim: Special Edition

Die 10 besten Mods auf Konsole

Dieser Tage kehren Spieler in Scharen zurück nach Tamriel. Mit der Skyrim: Special Edition ist eine überarbeitete Version des erfolgreichen Rollenspiels für PC und Konsolen erschienen. Konsolenspieler auf PS4 und Xbox One können nun erstmals auf Mods zurückgreifen. Welche davon sich lohnen, haben wir uns angeschaut.

Über das Hauptmenü des Spiels könnt ihr direkt die Liste der verfügbaren Mods aufrufen (um sie herunterzuladen benötigt ihr dann aber noch einen Bethesda-Account).

Leider gibt es schlechte Neuigkeiten für PS4-Spieler: Auf Sonys aktueller Konsole gibt es keine Mods, die externe Ressourcen benötigen. Viele der größeren Mods bringen allerhand Neues ins Spiel und sind daher - zumindest momentan - nicht auf der PS4 verfügbar. Bethesda gibt außerdem an, dass für PS4-Mods nur ein 1GB Speicher zur Verfügung steht, während auf der Xbox One bis zu 5GB möglich sind. Wenn ihr also die Wahl habt, welche Version ihr euch holt, greift zur Xbox-One-Version.

Eine letzte Warnung: Auf einem Spielstand, in dem ihr Mods aktiviert, könnte ihr keine Erfolge bzw. Trophäen mehr sammeln. Behaltet das im Hinterkopf und legt euch ein zusätzliches Savegame an. Ansonsten probiert einfach aus, was euch gefällt. Hier sind unsere Empfehlungen:

1. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch [XBO]

"A comprehensive bugfixing mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition. The goal of the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (aka USSEP) is to eventually fix every bug with Skyrim Special Edition not officially resolved by the developers to the limits of the Creation Kit and community-developed tools, in one easy-to-install package.Features: - Hundreds of gameplay, quest, NPC, object, item, text and placement bugs fixed. - Created by the authors of the Unofficial Oblivion Patch series. - No unsafe changes (such as deletions of stock objects). - Designed to be compatible with as many other mods as possible."

2. Cutting Room Floor [XBO]

"A content restoration mod for Skyrim and the official DLCs. From the depths of the ether, or just the cutting room floor, comes forth several NPCs, some quests, and other miscellaneous content which was created but never implemented in the game. If ever you had the feeling that Skyrim was missing something, you were probably right! This mod should relieve a bit of that. Villages that were supposed to exist have been brought back. Quests that were partially implemented have been completed. Various items have been restored that were still in the data files. NPCs have been brought back to the game and given homes where appropriate. Plus plenty of other random bits of stuff that was mentioned in the game but didn’t exist yet."

3. Alternate Start - Live Another Life [XBO]

"Live Another Life provides an alternative means to start the game for those who do not wish to go through the lengthy intro sequence at Helgen. You will be given the opportunity to choose your race and then choose a new life for your character to lead. A wide variety of choices will be available. What you choose will have a lasting impact, so choose carefully or the gods may forsake you again!"

4. Elemental Destruction Magic [XBO] | ähnliche Mod [PS4]

"Elemental Destruction Magic Adds earth, water, and wind as new types of destruction magic. Besides dealing the same amount of health damage as their vanilla counterparts, each new type of destruction magic has a unique secondary effect as well. Water spells stop enemy Magicka and Stamina regeneration for several seconds, earth spells stop Health regeneration and have a chance to stagger targets, and wind spells have a chance to blow targets away. This mod contains 30 new spells, including 24 destruction spells, 6 conjuration spells, 3 weapon enchantments, and 3 armor enchantments, and 6 new perks. New spell casting enemies that use these new spells have also been added. This mod also includes the spell Ash Cloak, to replace the vanilla Whirlwind Cloak spell and adds a new Dragon Priest masks for each element."

5. Frostfall: Hypothermia Camping Survival [XBO]

"REQUIRES CAMPFIRE: COMPLETE CAMPING SYSTEM. You are now prepared to face a colder, harsher Skyrim. The three main components of Frostfall are hypothermia, cold water survival, and camping. Frostfall adds a deep, immersive level of gameplay to Skyrim, while keeping tedium to a minimum. An immersion mod should never get in the way of having fun. Frostfall tracks your location, weather, time of day, worn clothing, and more, to determine your current condition in a seamless way that feels easy to jump into and start playing. It is highly customizable, whether you’re looking for a lightweight immersion enhancement or a deeper challenge."

6. The Forgotten City [XBO]

"The Forgotten City is an award-winning, critically acclaimed expansion mod offering a unique 6 - 8 hour experience: a murder mystery investigation set in an ancient underground city. You'll need to solve it using your wits, and the ability to travel through time. It has a dark, non-linear story in which you'll interrogate suspects, explore the city and its many secrets, and navigate challenging moral dilemmas. It features multiple endings, an original orchestral score, and professionally voiced dialogue."

7. Purification of Skyrim - Immersive Poisoned Apples [XBO]

"Purification of Skyrim is my love letter to Oblivion's Dark Brotherhood questline. After finding the recipe, you'll be able to craft Poisoned Apples at any cooking station if you have the ingredients. You can then offer the them to denizens of Skyrim in conversation, depending on your relationship with the individual and your speechcraft skill. Also, depending whom you ask, you might see surprising responses ;) You'll also be able to sneak them into the pockets of unsuspecting victims to be discovered and consumed soon after. Note that this method does not work when used on members of the Thieve's Guild."

8. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul [XBO]

"Adds over 5,000 lines of completely voiced dialogue for NPCs for more than 50 voice types, focusing mainly on friends, followers, spouses, and rivals. All dialogue is voiced using the original voices from the game, achieved through re-adding existing dialogue in new and suitable places, as well as editing together multiple lines to form brand new dialogue."

9. Rich Merchants of Skryim [XBO]

"This is a simple mod that increases the extremly low vanilla merchant gold level to 10,000 gold for every merchant ingame."

10. Ring Of Increased Carry Weight [XBO] | [PS4]

"A simple mod that adds a one ring that gives the wearer 1000 points of extra carry weight per ring, and another that adds 1000000 carry weight. It's your choice."


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